Jul 13, 2008

Roughin' It

Okay, so Jeremy and I actually went camping! But before you start applauding too loudly I'll have to admit it was a ward campout, we weren't in the wilderness all by ourselves. If you know us really well you will understand that we are not campers. We love the comfort of our own mattress at night (even if we did get the mattress off the side of the road) and warm showers in the morning. We don't even own our own sleeping bags. Roughing' it for a night isn't what we typically call "exciting." BUT we were however pleasantly surprised at how much fun camping can be. I don't know if were ready to go buy a tent just yet, but I definitely see us camping in the future and, who knows, maybe we will even go out roughin' by ourselves.

I thought y'all would like to see some pictures we took. I know we don't look the best, but we were camping, what do you expect?

This was our only source of water (besides the bottled water we had in the car)
Us in our borrowed tent

I don't know what you would call this pose. It was kind of late at night when we took it ; )

Jeremy in the light of the flashlight.