Jan 30, 2009


Ugh! I feel so lazy. It is 12:15 pm and all I have managed to do since rolling out of bed is finish my current book (River Secrets by Shannon Hale), blog browse, and put some rice on to cook for lunch. The only motivation I feel is used to keep myself busy with meaningless things so I don't have to face my to-do-list. I guess I better get off the couch and start cleaning. . .

PS Comments on motivation and inspiration for the unmotivated person would be appreciated: )

Jan 27, 2009

more of the same

This is going to be another post about babies. I just can't get them off my mind. In the last two weeks two of my sisters and one of my friends have had their first babies. I can't wait for it to be me!! My oldest sister, Karie, had her baby on January 14. He is a darling little boy. Next came my friend Kjell who had her baby girl last Thursday. And then today I found out that my younger sister, Vicky, had her little boy this afternoon. It all seems so exciting. I was talking to another one of my sisters today (she is also pregnant and is due in April). Of course we were talking about pregnancy, and all the "glory" that accompanist it, when my sister made a really interesting comment. She said, "besides marrying in the temple having and raising children is the greatest thing we can do in this life." Of course I have heard something like that before in relief society and/or sunday school, but it never seemed to hit home like it did then. I feel like I have been struggling to balance house chores, cooking, and work lately and being pregnant seems to often "get in the way." I don't know if I am finished thinking it all through, but I hope that I never get to tied up with life that I let the most important things be what seems to "get in the way" of the non-important things. Does this make any sense?

- Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions on where to buy baby things. I can't wait to find out what we are having so that we can start shopping!!

- Oh, I can't believe I forgot to tell y'all, but my due date is July 6.

- I will post more pics soon. sry I have been so bad at that.

Jan 12, 2009

Just stuff

I can't believe how much time I let elapse in between my posts. Not much is happening right now in the Thurber home and I like it. Jeremy is still working and going to school and I am just working and growing a baby:)

So here are some more details about the "little one" and myself.
- we are almost 4 months!!! I used to think that Pregnancy was 9 months so this would mean we were almost 1/2 finished, but I have had a reality shock. Pregnancy is 10 months (or 40 weeks)!! we still have a ways to go.
- I have been sick, but not as sick as some sisters I have. I am feeling better, but still get sick every once in a while
- All my sisters were pregnant at the same time (before one had her baby in Dec.) and one sister-in-law. That was 7 pregnant girls!!
- in about a month we get to find out what the babies gender will be. I am hoping for a girl, but of course I just want a healthy baby.
- oddly enough Jeremy is experiencing pregnancy symptoms as well. Apparently 60% of men can experience "sympathy symptoms" which are almost like the pregnancy symptoms. His include, but are not limited to, tiredness, dizziness, nausea and small lapses of memory.
I love you honey :)
- My new favorite way to spend the time is looking up baby items like strollers and cribs. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to go shopping for inexpensive baby items? Thanks!!