May 18, 2008


Jeremy and I have been married for 18 months and a couple of weeks. Many people get married because they have common interests, goals and/or ways of thinkings. One of the things that Jeremy and I both like is change. Out of the 18 months we have been married we have moved three times and been in three different wards (all BYU Married Student Wards). Now we are about to be in our fourth ward. Our ward got split today. Ya, can you believe it! I was so surprised when they announced it. I thought that only family wards got split, but I was proven wrong. There are 16 couples that are being excused/kicked-out/transfered (however you want to put it) from our ward.
We are actually excited to meet a lot of new people even though we will really miss those who are staying in the ward.

May 7, 2008

An amazing week!

Whew! I am beat. I just finished an extremely intense, and might I add, very early workout taught by Katie (thanks Lori for helping to get my lazy body out of bed).

So being new to this blogger site I don't know how to add pictures to my posts (WARNING!! Maggie about to start experimenting on computer!). I will try and add pictures to this post, please let me know how you think it turns out.

We have had an extremely busy week at the Thurbers. Jeremy's brother, Brian, came home from is mission in Taiwan on Friday, Jeremy's sister, Cindy, and her family came into town, Jeremy's other sister, Elisa, starred in Mulan as Mulan, and I got a chance to play "hairdresser" as I helped dye hair.

This is me helping to put some highlights in Karen's (Jeremy's mom) hair last Thursday.

Elisa has long beautiful blond hair so we got to put a temporary dye in before the Mulan show each night. The first night was almost a disaster (partly because of our inexperience at being beauticians and partly because the stupid dye wouldn't work). All was saved after Cindy went to a party store to get us some black hairspray. The next couple of nights we just stuck with the hairspray and forgot about the dye.
This is a picture of Elisa with half her hair sprayed. Can you tell the difference!

Because Elisa's opening night was at the same night as when Brian got home I volunteered to go to the play while the rest of the family went to pick up Brian. Elisa did a fantastic job. She has such a beautiful voice. I was so impressed. After the play we went out to eat at Panda Express while waiting for the family to come home from the airport.

After Brian got home we all stayed around for a while just making small talk (picture of Brian soon to come), then the Stake President came and set Brian apart. That was a really special/amazing/emotional experience. For the rest of the weekend until now we have been reacquainting ourselves with Brian (who is very smart and rather witty. BYU single girls, WATCH OUT!), watch Elisa on her other two nights of performances (yes, I went to all three nights. I was so proud of Elisa I cried like a baby), went shopping and have played with Cindy's new daughter Stephanie.

It has been such a fun fulfilling week. I hate to see it end when Cindy, Kyle, Aaron and Stephanie have to go back home. Well I better run, our house needs some serious attention! cya.