Jun 30, 2009

Jeremy Talmage Thurber

We are going to call him Talmage. It is so fun having a baby :)
most of his clothes are too big for him . It is so cute.

He loves to sleep.

Jeremy and Talmage sleeping at the hospital

Our first family picture!!!


Jun 25, 2009

Cutest baby ever!

Very sleepy boy in the nursery

One of his first pictures! He looks so confused and sad

He loves his thumb :)

We had a sad accident in the hospital and broke our camera so we don't have very many pictures. Jeremy's brother just brought his camera by so we will hopefully have more pictures soon!!!

Jun 24, 2009

Long Wait at the Hospital

We finally made it to the hospital about 4:30 PM. A lot of babies at Utah Valley just wanted to come last night and this morning. Since we're just getting started with things it will probably be after midnight when we get to meet our son. We have internet in the room so I'll post again with updates.

Jun 23, 2009

Thurber Baby Comes Tomorrow

Went in for an NST today and 3.5 hours later came out with a scheduled inducement. We are having this baby TOMORROW!! I can't believe it. I am so nervous/excited I don't even know if this post will make sense.

Apparently the cord wrapped around his neck baby is giving him irregularities in his heart rate. This isn't anything new (it's why we had the NST tests), but irregularities are increasing so the doctors our concerned if we wait too long the chances of a still birth will go up. We feel good about this decision even though it increases the chances of a C-section.

Next post will have pictures of Baby Thurber: )

PS for those who are curious, the due date was July 6th so the Baby will be about 13 days early.

Jun 3, 2009

Beautiful Me

Today I felt beautiful! My hair wasn't fixed extra special, (actually it was hardly fixed at all unless you count a ponytail as a hairdo) my make-up was minimal, and, b/c it was laundry day, I was out of clothes and so I wore Jeremy's old basketball camp t-shirt and gym shorts. But as I went about my day doing mundane task (laundry, cooking, errands, etc) I couldn't help but smile at how beautiful I felt. I don't know if it was the "pregnancy glow" or maybe I was just happy from serving our little family, but I had a good day!

I didn't take a picture of myself today (although I probably should have) but I have promised people more pictures of me pregnant so here are a few that have been taken in the last couple of weeks : )

Just for those who are curious. We are still doing non-stress-tests twice a week to monitor the babies heart rate. Everything so far is going great (even with the cord wrapped around his neck) and the doctor says we should expect to deliver on time (whatever that means, right?) and not to worry about the cord as long as it stays wrapped around once (which, so far, it is).