Aug 22, 2009

My Saturday

I ran my fist race postpartum this morning. . . . wait for it


i was the only one in my age division.

For our date night Jeremy and I took all the extra change we found while moving and went to a bunch of drive threw places and spent it on various food items. I now remember why we don't eat fast food very often. We ended the date by getting a milkshake at Hogi Yogi - they have free internet access and we do not have internet once again.

Aug 19, 2009

something I like

When other people hold my baby and he cries so I take him and he stops crying = )

ahhh. . .makes me feel like he loves his mommy

Aug 18, 2009

all bad things must come to an end

Yeah!!! We have internet again!

A couple of days ago I thought I stopped producing milk b/c I hadn't nursed Talmage for half a day (gave him formula), but the next day I produced just fine. It gave me such a scare and I realized that I was grateful that I could nurse even though I don't love it and that realization has made nursing more pleasant the last coupel of days = )

Aug 7, 2009

Quick update

Here is a quick list of what i want to post about, but don't have enough time to go into detail.

1. We don't have internet anymore = (

2. I don't really enjoy nursing, but I do it anyway. Why???

3. One of my really good friends is PREGNANT!!! Go Chelsea!!

4. I got a running stroller and have used it so much already!!

5. I am a little afraid to move to FL b/c I am afraid of being raped while running or being home alone while Jeremy is at work all day. is this silly??

Sorry no pictures!