Aug 26, 2008

"Only you can prevent forest fires"

So, as of right now, there is a FIRE in our oven. Not joking! about 20 minutes ago I came into the kitchen from Jeremy's frantic calls to see fire leaping out of our oven. We shut the oven door and called Karen (our everything expert) and Googled "fires in oven" to see what we should do. Karen said to just leave the door close (which is our only option b/c I put it on cleaning mode thinking it would suffocate it, but all it did was lock the oven until it cools down) and wait. Her advise didn't seem very comforting but then when the results came up on our search engine I felt a little less worried. For your FYI Hanford Fire Dept. says this about oven fires. . .

"Most of the time an oven fire is not serious. The fire is usually contained in the oven, which is designed for high heat anyway. The oven fire usually suffocates or is easily extinguished."

great news, huh. So what are we doing now? we're fire babysitting.

seriously, these pic's make the fire look really small, but it is actually quite large.

P.S I didn't run any miles last week (pitiful) and this week i have yet to run, but I did bike 7.5 mi today.

P.S.S the fire has already gone out!

Aug 19, 2008

Family Visit

Wow! It has been a long time since i have posted anything! We have had a really busy last couple of weeks. My brother got married in the SLC Temple and so everyone came in town and most of them stayed with Jeremy and I. We had 11 visitors in our small apt. thankfully our landlords let us rent out a larger portion of the basement, but things were still a bit more crowded than we are accustomed to. We couldn't find our nice camera so all the pic's we took when they were here were by my camera phone. Technology is so amazing!

Me, Suzanne (my sister) and Elise (niece) at the swimming park
Random pic of me
Elise and I on a walk
Andre (nephew) playing in the park sprinklers
the men of the family at Jared's wedding.
Elise at the water park. She looks like a super hero!
Elise shopping with us.
Me by the pool
Westley(nephew) making a goofy face!

Kaye (sister) at the water park.Andre and Will (brother) showing off muscle!
I had so much fun! Suzanne, JC and their kids (Andre, Westley and Elise) came early and spent 3 weeks with us! It was nice to have somone to go shopping with and to talk to besides Jeremy (even though Jeremy is so awesome he is not the best shopper). Jeremy also played a lot of tennis with JC which is great b/c I am not a tennins player.

This is Suzanne, JC and Elise at the park
I wish I had taken more pic's of the wedding or reception but I didn't. It was so fun though!

My brother Jared married
Pamela from Ecuador.
She had a lot of family and friends come into town. And let me say South American's know how to party! It was also fun b/c Cassie Clark was also able to make it. She was my best friend during the Junior High years. She brought her boyfriends/maybe fiance with her and he seemed really nice. Thanks so much for coming Cassie!

I guess that is it for now. I will try to be more up to-date on postings.

P.S. running was pretty hard to do when my family was in town. The first week I ran 25mi, but the second week I only ran 9mi : (

Aug 1, 2008

Gotta Run

This post is going to be a quickie because I have to head to work soon. I don't know how many of you know this, but I love to run! Not only is it a great way to work out, but it also a great stress release. If I'm overly stressed out about school, work or life I just have to put on my running gear and in about 30 minutes I'm feeling great about everything.

Many of my intimate friends know that I am a goal freak. i have goals about everything and natural I have goals about running. Currently my running goals consist of increasing my mileage up to 50 a week. I know you might think I am CrAzY, but sometimes a girl just has to be a little crazy to stay sane. 50 mi weeks are hard on the body so to ease into my goal I have been increasing my mileage by 10% each week and then every 4Th week decrease it by 20%. It might be overly cautious, but I would rather reach my goal slowly than not at all b/c of injury.

So the funny thing is even though I love to run and it makes me feel like I am on top of the world I am often a slacker and I don't always do it. run I mean. I get these weeks what I call "bumber weeks" and it kind of seems like I fall of the running wagon. Of course when I have a bumber week I get discouraged that I will never be able to make my 50miler goal. So to fix that (or help in some small way) I have decided I need someone to report my running progress to. I don't know how many people even check this blog (probably 0-5) but anyway when I make a post I think that I will do a little P.S. and let you know my mileage for the weeks or couple of weeks as it may be. Hopefully this will encourage me to keep my running up.

OK, this was way long winded and I am not even posting any pictures (sorry Cassie) so I think I will end.

P.S. my weekly mileage was 12.5 but i was sick and I haven't done my long run on sat. yet (tsk, tsk i seem to have excuses for everything)