Apr 24, 2009

College Graduates!!!

Whoopee!!! We are both now officially graduated from BYU!!!

Friends of the family wishing us luck at graduation - lol j/k
Us during commencement

Jeremy before his convocation - isn't his blue master's hood cool!

I can't believe I made it!! - this is right after I walked: )

Us after my convocation
Us after Jeremy's convocation - pointing to diploma and baby
Thanks to all the family, friends, and professors who helped us get here!!!! And especially thanks to BYU - we will miss you

Apr 17, 2009


Jeremy and I no longer have internet access to our apartment : ( So my posts will be even fewer and farther between.

I wanted to make a quick shout out to Bride Wars. If you haven't seen it you should. I loved it, but I am a Kate Hudson fan. Oddly enough it made me miss my sister even though they were fighting the whole time.

Apr 6, 2009

six month update

Woo Hoo!!! I finally got my camera back in order (battery problems).

Jeremy was in a rush before school so he only had time for one picture. I will ask him to take more tonight or tomorrow!

6 months and 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some weird pregnancy things include
- If I take my prenatal vitamin and my Omega-3 I have almost no cravings. If i forget to take them I want chocolate more than I can express.
- The baby kicks a ton, especially when things are quiet. He will kick until Jeremy or I start talking and then he will stop. It is so funny
- I have the most vivid dreams and I remember them for days. The worst are nightmares b/c then I get really scared and can't fall back to sleep.
- People stare at me when I go shopping, to the gym, or to work. Sometimes I feel like shouting, "haven't you ever seen a pregnant woman before!" (has anyone else experienced this)