Dec 29, 2008

A little bit of news. . .

Hello Again! I have some news I want to share. I have written or rewritten this post about a dozen times either in my head or on the computer, but nothing seems to fit my excitement. So here is the news.


It so so exciting to say that: ) I'll post other details, like due date and what the gender might be, later. Right now I am just reveling in sharing the news with all of you.


Dec 16, 2008

Finals week

Since Maggie has practically abandoned this site, I figure I might try writing for the first time. After all, my name is part of the address. You probably know Maggie is graduating. Just 3 more finals and she is done with college. I am probably more excited than she is to have her be done. No more late papers, no more stressful tests, no more complaining about professors. Man, I am excited about that. I think school will be much easier with just one of us carrying the burden next semester. Maggie just happens to be playing tetris right now. I think she and Nikki are addicted. As far as Christmas goes, my younger brother Kevin will be leaving for his mission. He was called to the northern-most mission in Japan. Not quite as great as Taiwan, but at least it is still in East Asia. I still have all 6 of my finals to complete, but I did get the house quite clean today. Maggie and I will be attending a singles' ward for the next little while. Don't worry--we did not get divorced. We just get to go serve in a single's ward for a while. This will be the 5th ward we've been in since we were married--the BYU 141st ward, 82nd ward, 5th ward, 109th ward, and now 177th ward. That makes the average the 103rd ward. So there are probably about 206 wards on campus. Have any of you been in a higher ward number? Maggie claims I will get absolutely no response because pretty much only women are into this blogging thing, so I will not be offended.