Aug 11, 2010

I had a dream...

....last night about this blog. Jeremy had made 3 posts to catch us up on our summer comings and goings. I felt such a relief that I wouldn't have to worry about it. This morning I awoke to realize this wasn't true. Sadness :( lol

Here are some pictures of Talmage at Chick-fil-A

Aug 4, 2010

long time coming....the Virgin Islands

We went to the Virgin Islands for 10 days. Jeremy was sent there to work. Thanks E&Y!!! All we had to pay for was my plane ticket and food. It was so much fun. Jeremy worked a lot, but Talmage and I had a fun time playing and shopping. The island was so beautiful. The above shot is a picture I took while I was running one morning. The sun would be up by 5:30am so we did a lot of early morning runs. It would get dark by 7pm.

We are so glad when daddy comes home!!
On a walk. "Mom, what are you looking at?"
Our fun rental car
Us at the airport
This was the view from our Condo

The beaches there are so beautiful. While we swam we could see fish. We tried getting a picture of the them, but they were too fast. Jeremy and Talmage buried me in the sand!! It actually felt really nice.
Talmage loves, loves, loves playing in the sand. The sand is so soft there it turns to mud when it is mixed with water. It doesn't brush off like rocky sand does. We were literally caked in sand after the beach.
The harbor where the cruise ships come in