Jun 19, 2008


Hello Everyone! We just got back form our Taiwan trip last night (We actually got back a week ago, but I have been so busy I didn't post the blog until today). It was very exciting! We have a ton of pictures from the Taiwan trip (we took over 275). Taiwan is so amazing. The people there are so nice.

Jeremy and his brother, Brian, served their missions in Taiwan so we were able to meet a lot of really amazing people. This is Doctor Yang and the Tang Family. Brother Tang has participated in the baptism of eight of his friends who he has shared the gospel with since he was baptised.

We also got to use several modes of transportation. We used a plane, train, fast train (which is different then a regular train b/c it goes 3 times as fast), subway, taxi, regular bus, double decker bus, car, and our feet. The traffic there is crazy! They can make two lanes out of one lane and if you are in the left turning lane and decide to go right it is OK as long as you can beat the other cars of the line. It is survival of the fittest on the roads.

This is the double Decker bus we took to the airport.

All of us with President Hsu and his wife (Brian's mission president).

Jeremy and I in the Bamboo forest. It was raining that day. . . actually it rained every day. That wasn't too bad b/c I like rain, but I was happy to get home to Sunny Provo.

This Buddha statue looks even bigger in real life. We had to walk up this incredible long high trail to be able to reach this Buddha Temple.

They have very funny English translations. This was in the bathroom of our first hotel. We made sure we kept the floor very wet ; )

We absolutely loved the trip. Jeremy and I want to become world travels so I guess Taiwan was a big addition to the travel log we hope to expand.

Jun 3, 2008

busy month

Wow! I haven't posted anything for a long time! We have been super busy lately (my long term excuse for anything). One of the things we wanted to do this summer is organize our messy storage room. It was quite the adventure. We even took before and after pictures to show off our cleaning talents.

This is before
This is after
Do you notice a difference? We sure do.

We have also been really busy with work, our garden and having fun!

This is a random pic we took today. Jeremy didn't mean to have is eyes closed, but I think it gave it a nice affect.

Oh well this is kind of a short blog, but I figured I had to post something. I hope everyone is having a great summer!