Nov 13, 2009

one thing I really hate

Car problems. Especially when it's my fault : )

Nov 8, 2009

You're probably not interested in this, but

For your 4-1-1 the Health Care Reform Bill in the House got passed on Friday

Nov 2, 2009


Why does God allow righteous women to miscarry or not be able to have children? I have friends who have experienced miscarriages, I have had several miscarriages, and I have many other friends who can't get pregnant. Why does God not allow righteous women the opportunity to have children while there are so many teen-pregnancies or unwanted pregnancies around the world.

Doesn't it seem beyond unfair?

Sorry to bring up such a depressing subject. It was just on my mind.


Jeremy and I didn't get dressed up, but Talmage was a pumpkin. We went to a ward activity, had some friends over, and ate a lot of candy to celebrate Halloween.