May 23, 2009

thoughts on strollers

I miss-calculated a couple of weeks back and thought my pregnancy was one week farther than it was. I was so annoyed when I realized that I had 8 weeks left and not 7. But time went by and now I only have 6 weeks! I am so excited. I want this baby here already so we can get to know him. I feel like he already has a little personality and I can't wait to find out what it is like. I have a short list of "must-haves" that I really want for this baby (and Jeremy has agreed to get). The top thing on my list is a running stroller. And not just any old run of the mill running stroller. I want a BOB Ironman. I want it so bad I dream about it. I daydream and night dream about taking my baby on long glorious runs or on short walks together so we can bond, but recently my dream has had a wet blanket dropped on it. During my recent spurts of research on strollers I have found a lot of people agree that a baby shouldn't be pushed around in strollers until they are 6 months! On the other hand, I have also read different blogs/forums where women have claimed to have started running with their babies as soon as 2 weeks. There seems to be a big difference between 2 weeks and 6 months. I was orginally thinking 2 months would ba a good time to start running with the little tyke, but now I am not quite sure. What do you ladies (or gentleman) think about this? Do you think that 2 weeks is too early (I personally do, but I have never had a baby before) do you think it is necessary to wait until they are 6 months?

I have included a picture of the BOB just for you to enjoy. *sigh* isn't it amazing: )

May 13, 2009

baby foot

We had another ultrasound today and we came home with a picture!
Isn't his foot so cute! This is the only picture they gave us, but we also saw his face, legs, arms, and heart beats (really cool/weird to watch his heart).
We found out that he has the cord wrapped around his neck. It sounds really scary, but actually it is quite common and it isn't really a concern unless it is wrapped around two or three times. We (meaning the baby and me) will have to go in for non-stress test twice a week until the baby is born, or until he has wiggled out of the cord, just to keep things monitored.

Thanks so much for all your comments on my pregnancy complaints: )

May 12, 2009

some questions on pregnancy

Last night I couldn't sleep. I finally dosed off around 4:30 am only to wake up at 8:30am. I tried to sleep some more, but mostly it was me tossing and turning in bed trying to find a comfortable position. SO here is my first question. . . .is insomnia common in pregnancy or was last night just a fluke?

Next question. . . .is it common (meaning have you experienced know anyone who has, etc) to have your first trimester pregnancy symptoms come back in your third trimester? (mainly food aversions and throwing up)

Last question. . . . I am 7 weeks away from having this boy pop out and i feel like I am the size of a water buffalo. How on earth will I be able to get around the next seven weeks? I can barely get up in the morning without grunting to get out of bed (horrible, I know).

Okay those are my questions. If you are pregnant, have been pregnant, or know of someone who was pregnant then please let me know if these things are normal or not. thanks.